Do Any Alternative Therapies Work for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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There are lots of alternative therapiies that work for RA. I've had patients who did energy therapy, who did magnets, who did crystals, who did acupuncture, who did chiropractic, all of those things can help people with RA. I can't understand them and I can't explain them, but when a patient comes in and says, I went to acupuncturist and they really helped me, I say, awesome, keep doing that.

Now there's some provisos in that, so chiropractors, I don't have anything against chiropractors, everybody assumes that I hate chiropractors, I always tell my patients, if you have rheumatoid arthritis, you joints are fragile, be cautious about going to somebody who is will manipulate your spine in a forceful manner for several reasons, not the least of which, the only place in the spine that rheumatoid arthritis really affects is at the very top, the atlantoaxial joint, and if that is unstable and it's manipulated aggressively, it actually can cause permanent damage,
permanent neurological damage. So rheumatoid arthritis , I'm very cautious about patients getting treated by a chiropractor or I caution them, there are chiropractors who just tap rather than snap, is what I'll say, rather than manipulate, I'm more in favor of that. Osteoarthritis, if you have osteoarthritis to the back and you have a lot of back pain,

it's actually been shown that chiropractic and physical therapy are very equivalent.

So do you find a chiropractor that works for you, I'm OK with it. Now, when we get into crystals and things like that, I mean, I real don't understand it but energy therapy but I'm not against it. When people come to me, I don't suggest it to them, necessarily, but if they come to me and say, it's working for them, I say, okay, fine.