Can My Rheumatoid Arthritis Go into Remission?

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Technically the word remission means no sign of illness, off of all medicines. So, when a woman is in remission from breast cancer, it is when she's been five years from her breast cancer, she is not taking any chemotherapy and there's no evidence of breast cancer. The same is true about rheumatoid arthritis or actually any of the over 100 different types of arthritis we treat, that is, that sometimes people will come in and they'll say I don't know why I need to take this medicine, I feel fine, and I'll say well, try tapering off the medicine. We usually taper so it's not binary you don't go from feeling good to feeling terrible, but if they taper off their medicine and they don't need, you know they don't have any sign of disease, then we say they are in remission.