Fight Finger Stiffness

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Hi, I'm physical therapist Peggy Brill. If you got stiff and swollen fingertips try this three easy exercises. They are designed to help prevent and manage sorliac especially with people sorliac arthritis. Hi I'm here with Christine, and the first exercise we're going to do for finger tips is called finger flexion.

You just hold your hands up, and you're going to roll down your fingers trying to get the tip of your finger to touch the tip the pad on your under side, and then just roll your fingers over that, again this motion should just be gentle and relaxed, and then open up the hands rolling down, and then just let it release, good and then roll the fingers touching each time trying to get a little bit.

Further into the motion, it's very common that the end of the fingers index, the middle fingers especially that we'll have changes. Rheumatoid and especially Psoriatic Arthritis can affect the fingertips and you want to avoid any pain. You just want to feel what feels comfortable and each time that you do it, it should feel like its loosing up.

And the next exercise is called palm stretch where you're going to put your hand out in front of you, and you're going to take your other hand, and you're just going to grab towards the end of your fingers. And just gently bend them backwards, and then let that relax. And each time you make the motion, you start of very small because this can be very stiff and limiting, and you want to avoid feeling any kind of tingling or numbness feeling.

We're just trying to create a gentle motion, pressure on, pressure off. So, we do this stretches, we don't hold them, we just put the pressure on, take the pressure off, and then we switch, and we'll do the other hand, and you might notice that one hand feels tighter than the other.

Sometimes it's your dominant hand and sometimes its the hand that you don't use enough that can get stiff. And these exercises again are very important and especially for people with rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. And the last exercise we are going to do Christine is, what's called gaping destruction and gaping.

A lot of times people will start to get nodules or body changes on the end of their fingertips. And what you will do is to just gently go at the end of you finger, you just kind of pull it, just a little bit, just a little bit of pressure, and then you just move it a little bit side by side, and you are going to twitch each finger and just do that.

Pulling and a little more side to side. Nothing that we want to be can be very gentle, just a little tag, and then a little gap side to side. Allow side to side and we go to each finger like that. And sometimes you just feel that the most sensitive once, or your index in the middle finger, and then switch the other hand in front of the index finger, give it a little destruction there, pulling out and then a little gap, side to side.

Allow side to side, this is especially helpful for people that have psoriatic[sp?] changes in their finger nails and into the fingers, to really help get the joint Lubricated and keep the function. And if you hear that giddiness that should go away as the joints become more lubricated after doing this for a few days.

We've got your hands now nice and noble and loose, and they should feel great. You can do this exercise anytime anywhere.