Exercises for Elbow Pain

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Hi, I'm physical therapist Peggy Brill is psoriatic Arthritis is causing your elbow pain, I want to try this simple, three move exercise routine to prevent and manage clear ups
 Hi, I'm here with Christine and our first exercise for the elbows is the median nerve glide and Christine you're going to put your arms out, just at the height of your shoulders and put the other one out as well and your palms are going to be facing out in front of you, and what you're going to do is just pull back your wrist, and have your fingers straight and you just pull back and when you start to feel some stretch down through here, that is the median nerve that glides underneath the soft tissues there.

We do that with both hands and pulling back the wrist and I'm going to repeat this ten times, it doesn't seem like it will be connected to the elbows but it has to do exactly what vidian nerve it comes down that sucks it inside of that elbow joint. And often you get tightness and thickness of changes of the elbow that will create entrainment along this node.

So the excellent way to gribe the nerve is through the elbow. In our next exercise of the elbow is the nerve glide, which comes out on the outside of the elbow which is very commonly affected people say they've tennis elbow or they hurt when they grab a grip and they get a pain up in here, so one of the ways that we fix that, you can take both arms just like you did the media nerve on, but instead the palms facing forward they faced backwards closure some in and you're going to grab it, make a fist around it so create like this fist, and you're going to pull back release and you you're going to feel the pressure of that nerve gliding back and forth and the tendence attached to the elbow start to move, and everything we do is grabbing and grasping activate these muscles so when we get to glide that nerve and stretch those tissues around that joint, it helps the joints to stay healthy and lubricated is normal that a lot of people will feel pressure with this stretch it's a very highly used muscle group so again, you don't want to create any tingling you don't want to pain just do the rest that feels comfortable for you, and the final exercise for your elbow what's called the [xx] nerve glide, the [xx] nerve a lot of people know as your funny bone when you bang your elbow and it gives you that little twins that it comes down underneath here so what you do with this one is you're going to take your fingers like you're a okay signs, and you're going to turn your palms upside down and bring up around you eyes like this.

What this is doing is taking all the muscles of that [xx] contracting in the opposite direction and feeling your stretch a lot of people will have difficulty with this sometimes on their wrists are stiff or their elbows are stiff or even if they 're tight on their upper back so you just work toward achieving this and getting those fingers to stretch out as close as it is possible.