Can Certain Foods Make Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms Worse?

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Are there certain foods that can make Psoriatic Arthritis worse? Potentially, what I want to say is that, it's not necessarily for everyone, but what we do look at are a class of foods called the nightshades which potato, egg plant, tomato, these might be more of a factor. For a lot of people, gluten is a factor. So what I want to recommend is trying a quality gluten free diet or we might try an elimination, and certainly if your diet has a lot of gluten in it, maybe even just reducing the amount of gluten, and exchanging some of those sources of gluten for whole food forms that are naturally gluten free, instead of doing a tortilla, maybe use a lettuce strap, or something like that. And then in addition what we also want to make sure is that, we don't have a lot of refined unhealthy fats for us.

So that means, paying attention to not too many of the fried foods, and especially like the battered fried foods because that would be in gluten and the fried in that state, but also looking at baked foods or maybe your snacks foods, maybe you're grabbing snack bar, or chips, or pretzels, you want to make sure that those are good quality ones that don't have a lot of refined oils or processed ingredients in them.