Can a Low-Calorie Diet Help Ease Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms?

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When it comes to Psoriatic arthritis and nutrition recommendations, people have asked me should I just reduce calories should I cut calories and the issue with that is a lot of time we make really poor quality food choices when we're trying to cut calories right? So if suddenly I consume something that has zero calories just because I'm trying to cut calories but if it has artificial ingredients or if it's more highly processed I actually haven't created something that's good for my Psoriatic arthritis.

So my recommendation for reducing calories but also having a health win when it comes to Psoriatic arthritis, is to make sure that you're consuming appropriate portion sizes of quality foods. So again look for those anti-inflammatory foods the ones that may even have a good amount of fat in them because they have the essential fatty acids, your walnuts, your organic soy beans your [xx] seeds but just make sure you're consuming an appropriate portion of those and that's going to be a way that you can reduce calorie.