Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help Ease Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms?

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Can a gluten-free diet help with Psoriasic Arthritis? Well, my answer is, potentially. I don't want to say across the board and what I will say definitively is that a poor quality gluten-free diet is not going to help. Because while you might be getting help from removing the gluten, if you are adding in a bunch of ingredients that are more inflammatory, you are working across purposes.

So if you want to try a gluten-free diet, and I definitely recommend trying it on the advice or in collaboration with your healthcare practitioner. If you want to try and look for foods to replace the gluten one, look for foods that are naturally gluten-free. Did you know that an apple and peanuts are naturally gluten-free or an apple and almonds? So, it doesn't mean that you have to only sit there and have processed gluten-free products, it means that you can turn to whole foods that are naturally gluten-free.