What Kind of Pain Does Arthritis Cause?

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Put your hands up if you have a joint pain in the audience. And how do we know if it's arthritis or something else? Well you know with arthritis it is important to really think about what the location is. Is it in front of your hips, is it at the side of your hips, and also how it feels.

Arthritis pain is aching pain. It is the aching you get after a long walk, or maybe when you are all dancing. It is the pain that can be hurtful at rest or sometimes when it progress far enough people actually wake up at night with so much ache and they can't sleep. That's probably and I must say that's a great [xx] that one before but the idea being woken up from sleep is a good clue across the board but whether your pains are important or not, let me show you a quick animation You can come join me, Bobby, so this is again how the hips move back and forth it is a spectacular joint and I say that because the hips allow you to kick way forward and then way back as you move your leg forward and backwards, and of course that happens because you've got a ball inside of a socket, that's a mechanism for which joints work as well as carpenters make things work.

If you inflame it irritate the surface area, that covering on the inside of the hip, as the bone begins to move inside of the socket, it's like taking a cut and scratching at it and curving at it. And I think that causes a lot of the pain that people have with osteoarthritis, but I think that for a lot of folks who have joint pain that's not what's occurring in their body.

If your pain is in front of your hips and it feels like grinding, maybe arthritis, but your pain is actually different than that. Your pain is on the sides of your hips. You know doctor as we are talking about staying strong in our core and our rear end, many times not strong enough, we recruit other muscles that don't normally work and when you have pain on the sides of your hips it's usually due to IT band syndrome, where the tight band that connects this muscle to the knee just gets tight, tight, tight because you're asking it to work too hard.

Have you had that one before? NoHere is a picture of it, and the IT band is that weight structure that goes from the hip up toward the knee. But it's one of the cables that keeps everything hooked together that you need to be able to do all this kinds of maneuvers but [xx] scrubbing.

when we over use it, it gets tighter and tighter and it causes pain in [xx] on the side of our hips. The good news is we can strengthen our cores and our rear ends and stretch this back out.