What Are the Natural Treatments for Arthritis?

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There are a number of natural treatments for arthritis. First, we have to decide what type of arthritis we're talking about, there's osteoarthritis which is basically a natural, kind of, beating up or degeneration of the bones as we age, in fact, some people don't even think it should be considered a disease, and then there's rheumatoid arthritis, so actually the immune system is attacking the joint tissue and causing a lot of inflammation and damage. With osteoarthritis, one of the first things that I think about is hydration, making sure there's plenty of water in the body especially in the joints and getting people to exercise.

Of course, if the exercise hurts the joint, then you have to stop but a lot of the times movement of the joint is very useful, and then as a naturopathic doctor, I would like to use a use a lot of German hydrotherapy which is using hot and cold applications tom bringing nutrients to and from the joint.

I find that that very helpful to lower inflammation and get the healing process going, and then I give people a number of nutrients. Thing like glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, sometimes a little bit of turmeric and some other herbs that help lower inflammation like Bromaline as well. So that's what I like to use for osteoarthritis.

For rheumatoid arthritis which is more of an auto immune disease, that's even more important to work on the digestive tract, because that's where most of the immune system is, and when there's a lot of inflammation in the body that's causing rheumatoid arthritis, you really want to work on lowering the immune systems re-activity, so to do that, you really want to work on the digestive tract which is where the immune system is.

So that that's when I work on things like food allergies, making sure people stress are lower, making sure they're sleeping well as well as getting water, and there are some herbs which are very, very good to also lower inflammation. Turmeric, again, Bromaline is very good, something called cats claw, another one called devils claw is very helpful as well.

So, there are herbs to help lower the inflammation, but the most important thing for rheumatoid is to also work on the digestive tract to lower the overall body inflammation as well.