Can Lifestyle Changes Help Prevent Arthritis?

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You've got your question? How are you? Hi Dr. Oz it's great being here meeting you. Great honor. My question is, is arthritis only hereditary, or can lifestyle changes make a difference for you? Well one thing folks don't recognize is that they actually can do things to reduce the chance of arthritis being a problem, one issue is to build up muscles around the joint.

There are also some supplements that can also be helpful. You heard of Androfin sulfates? >.Yes, I've heard of it. Oh, if you traumatize yourself, it can lead to as well. Thank you. >>You're welcome. How do you all think that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis? Put your hands up if you think it does.

Not many, couple of people, it doesn't actually, because when you crack your knuckles, unless you have pain, you're not traumatizing the joint, and for that reason it's a pretty safe thing to do, all right, thanks everybody we'll be right back.