3 Home Remedies for Chronic Pain

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Hi, Dr. Oz here. What's your best bet to tackle chronic pain from fibromyalgia? Try everything. Research suggests that a multi-faceted approach works best for easing Chronic fibral pain. Your doctor may recommend pain medication but you should also live a healthy life style and try self care pain relief strategies like these: use heat, soaking in a warm tab seems to pull the fibral pain right out of people. Research confirms that warm water whether you exercise in a heated pool or just lounge in a warm bath or Jacuzzi, curbs fibromyalgia pain and stiffness. Try ice, cold therapy can ease soft tissue pain associated with sports injuries and other rheumatic diseases, so it's worth a try to see whether it relieves your fibral pain. Rub on pain cream. Over the counter analgesic ointments have been proved to curb mild pain associated with osteoarthritis, muscles spasms and sports injuries. So it's worth exploring for fibromyalgia pain, and look for one with arnica,wintergreen, menthol, camphor or peppermint.

I'm Dr. Oz for strategies to curb pain, check out all of our health tips.