How Does Physical Therapy Help Osteoarthritis?

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So physical therapy helps all types of arthritis it's particularly important with osteoarthritis because we don't have a lot of different medicines but physical therapy helps a lot, a physical therapist can teach exerices that you can do to strengthen your joint with putting very little wear and tear on the joint, so for instance an isometric quadriceps exercise.

If you have knee pain just strengthening your quadriceps muscle, the big muscle on the front of your leg, can really help the knee pain a lot, and a physical therapist can teach you how to do that, really it's quite simple you put your leg out straight tighten the muscle up and hold it for five seconds then release it for five seconds do that 15 times at breakfast lunch and dinner if you'll be surprised of how much that helps knee pain, physical therapist of course do much more than that.

They use modalities which includes hot packs and cold packs sometimes they have includes massage, they'll use 10 units transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, pads hooked to a battery that help with pain, muscle simulators they can use do stretch and help with range emotion and patients who have contractions in other issues with their joints, so physical therapy is integral to actually any treatment of arthritis but particularly, osteoarthritis.