What Should I Ask My Doctor About Migraines?

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Well you better ask your physician clearly what is the diagnosis? What's your treatment plan? What behavioral things can I do to reduce the impact of migraine? And then if I'm going to take medication how do I use the medication optimally? Because sometimes medications are just given to people who don't really know how to take them.

For example in the acute medications, what we've learned over time is the best thing you can do is to treat early. We've learned that there are actually not many false alarms at migraine and when people say to themselves I think I'm getting a migraine, they are almost getting a migraine and these medications work better and better the earlier you treat.

So we spend time with people helping them recognize the first and earlier symptoms of their attack, we say that's when you treat. If you have lots and lots of attacks unfortunately you may not be able to give these acute medications as quickly as if people having more periodically.