What Does My Family Need to Know About My Migraines?

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Well, when they better know this is real, and a lot of people get feedback that it's distress, that's your only problem. It's sad to say and unfortunately doctors who often know better at it, than family members that if it's not my problem, yours isn't real. People get that feedback that it's all in your head. And let me tell you a migraine is just as real as a brain tumor or anything else, just has to do with the chemistry of the brain. So people have to recognize and give feedback to the poor sufferer with migraine, that they recognize this is a real disorder. We can't go back to the 1930s where people were stigmatized, and then they have to participate in their care. Migraine people need to have regularity in their life, sleep, stress, meals, and things like that, and that often takes family participation.