At What Age Can Migraines Start?

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You can be born with migraine, we see migraines in newborns. Different manifestations, for example, periodic coma, periodic falling over where one side of the body becomes weak or unsteady. There are many manifestations. As you get older, they change as well, and a common one is car sickness. If you look at nothing more than a child who's really carsick, and you follow them forward, more often than not they grow up to be what we all recognize, as an adult with migraine. Think about the child who comes home from school once or twice a month, looks pale and pasty goes to sleep for an hour, maybe vomits and goes to sleep for an hour then wakes up and says to mom, I'm so hungry, I'm ready for dinner and they've completely turned the corner by that little nap, that's almost always migraine.