Why Should I See a Neurologist for My Migraines?

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There are really two issues when you see a neurologist in headache, once is, is it something else, is it something more serious, do you have an infection, an aneurysm, a brain tumor, or things like that? Once that's out of the way, we're still interested in treatment and there are a few reasons why we're interested in treatment, the obvious one is you feel better.

The not so obvious one is, the more headaches you have, the more you're going to get, and migraines are often progressive. Migraines aren't good for you. People don't realize that, asthmas aren't good for you either, high blood pressure and diabetes isn't good for you either, and migraines cause migraines, so there's people who are using recurring medication over and over and over and really not getting much relief, are setting up their brain for a situation where it will be hardwired for headache.

And in the future, they'll get more and more difficult to treat, and commonly progress.