What Causes Knee Joints to Wear Out?

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That is a Multi-factoral answer and I can just throw it out there, okay there's genetics some people genetically prone to that, it's in their gene pool and they're' going to get it. A lot of it is mechanics, mechanics meaning how's the body in space and you think it's the knee, it's not the knee it's the whole body, it's from your core, and your hips, the way your stride is, the way your feet hit the ground that changes with age, it changes with injury.

So you can become more prone to something that maybe weren't not genetically channels to because your mechanics are rough. Number three, injury big time, if I'm a football player and some guy hits me and clips me from behind, and my knee gives out and then I tear my ligament. Most of the time the bone does that, and the impression that it lives is a 15 years of wear in a microsecond, so that will again pretentiously cause arthritis.

Sometimes people are overweight, we know that that causes it and anecdotally some foods you eat, the shoes you wear, these kind of stuff, but the main ones are the ones I mentioned.