What Can I Do for Knee Pain?

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[APPLAUSE] don't think about using things that are in a bottle. So, how important are things that we're going to talk about today? How powerful can they be? Well these are the big guns of cancer prevention. What they do is something really important, they give our body the building blocks that our body needs to fight cancer, to do its job, to defend itself and in sometimes they can actually turn the tables on our favor but you always want to do it with diet and exercise.

Rebuild that foundation of that question. Absolutely. And some of the things we talk about I think are important for general health and some of them are very specific promise that [xx] worried about. Okay, let's get to the first one. The first top Cancer Fighting Supplement is called IP6.

This should be on everybody's radar screen and the reason why is because recent animal studies that show that it helps to prevent colon cancer, it helps to prevent lung, liver and even soft tissue cancers. And here's what it is, it's a carbohydrate molecule that's found in high fiber foods like seeds or nuts or legumes or beans, and it disrupts the raw cancer cell.

>>So it's found in the natural food but you think you gotta take it in a pill form. How often do you take this and is how much? This is concentrated. You take 500MGs twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening. Make sure the bottle says IP6. Make sure it says inositol hexaphosphate and you can get it at any health food store or you can get it online.

That's a mouthful. You think IP6 is.