What Can Help Knee Grinding?

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Let's drop right in the questions who's first, to take it away Hi. Hi my knees grinds every time I walk up and down the stairs or squat, and they do that all the time they never hurt though, but my grandmother and her sister had knee replacement surgery, so I'm concerned that that's my cross in life down the road.

Who has crunchy knees, put your hands up. A lot of folks. When I was a little kid, I used to always wonder about knees and when I first in anatomy classes struck me so I heard about your question but these little pebbles are long, see how these are sort of smooth like that, so they are not actually much of a noise when you rub them, that's pretty quiet.

Now, when you have knees that look like this, that actually have little bits of cracks in them and chew in the way elements, make a lot more noise than this does. Now, it's all about friction. You don't want noises, knee replaces although they are fantastic operations for people who desperately need them, I'd rather you do not get them.

Chondroitin Sulfate supplement that works for some people, not that I would recommend it to you. Is that daily? Yeah, you have to take it daily. It pumps up the mini sky a little bit, thanks for the question. Okay, thank you.