Ease Knee Arthritis

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Hi, my name is Peggy Brill. As a physical therapist I know that arthritis feet can be both painful and debilitating that's why I developed this simple exercise routine designed to help strengthen your joints and prevents relapse. Hi, I am here with Kristine and we're going to go through exercises that are going to help your knees to feel better.

The first one we are going to start with is lying down your back and you can do this on a mat or rug or in your bed and it's called kick and drop and Kristine what you can do is you can bend up this leg as well it gives your back a little bit of support. Okay, and you're just going to kick up the leg and let it drop when we have you do that the whole behind the knee kicking up and letting it drop.

This is a great way to have lubrication in the knee joint and a full range of motion without the impact of weight bearing or your body weight going through the joints. We're going to move in just the range that feels comfortable so that's just from here to here that's where you do that and each repetition you're going to try to go a little bit further, again just backing off of any discomfort.

The next exercise for the knee is for the conceded knee extension, you're going to just to straighten up that leg tight as you can, and you're going to lift it up, and hold it a few seconds, and bring it down, and you can have your hands give you a little bit of support and this is just to get some activation in the [xx] muscle which helps to stabilize the knee and let's exercise bring the other leg out straight and tight and lift and now and again lifting to what feels comfortable for you, start small and taking bigger motions as you feel that you're more able to do this and you will get stronger in time.

Go on to the next exercise which is called digging your heels, you put your feet a little bit apart and this is going to activate the muscles behind the knees called your hamstrings, so what you're going to do is you're going to feel like you're pulling your feet, your heels into the ground and you're going to get a contraction behind your thighs and you're going to hold on for a few seconds and then let it release.

If you have any discomfort with doing both at the same time, stop and try to just do the right leg, and pull the right leg back and hold that a few seconds, and then hold the left one back a few seconds. It's a great way to strengthen your hamstring without creating the stress and strain through your knee joints, and as these muscles get stronger, they help to protect the knee, and this is a great way to get your knees feeling strong and mobile.