What Foods Reduce Inflammation In the Body?

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There're many foods that science is linking to reducing inflammation, especially the kind that attacks your joints. It's one of the primary causes of osteoarthritis. So foods rich in antioxidants, like colorful berries, strawberries, papaya, blue berries. These things are just jam packed with vitamin C, and other nutrients that are going to create the reduction in inflammation.

Omega-3s are also very essential, you can get those from fish and fish oils and also from whole grains. These are great things to eat in the day, they not only help you to lose weight, and manage your weight, but they also because they don't have any gluten in them, they can help to aid and repair of your muscles because they are high in magnesium, and also again reducing the inflammation that accumulates both in your gut and joints is a great thing to do through your food sources.