5 Natural Headache Remedies

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Hi, I'm Dr. Miller, here's some advice to get rid of headaches naturally. Instead of popping pills, try these five home remedies. Strengthen your neck. It might sound strange, but headache pain can come from weakness or spasm in your neck muscles. Pain travels from your upper back and goes to your lower neck, then upper neck and progressively weak muscles compensate.

Try strengthening the trapezius muscles in your upper back. Modify your diet. Some foods and ingredients can trigger migraines for some people, that can include too much caffeine, chocolate, cheese, or foods with MSG. Eliminate troublesome foods slowly and see if you can find the culprit.

Push pressure points, acupressure may help dim headache pain. Try rubbing the two points on either side of your vertebrae at the nape of your neck. Keep moving. Regular aerobic exercise means fewer headache, because it helps release stress, and increases the level of pain killing endorphins in your system.

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