Why Does Monosodium Glutamate Give Me a Headache?

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It's interesting, MSG which monosodium glutamate is a salt that is bound to glutamate. What I really think is that it's really not the glutamate that gives you a headache but the really high content of sodium in the salt. So when you have a headache it's more of a dehydration symptom and Zack says a guy Dr.

Batmanghelidj who wrote a book called The Body's Many Cries For Water, and he actually mentions this fact that the dehydration components of MSG is what gives you a headache. Actually, the show called The Food Detective where they took two groups of people and fed one a diet of MSG and Chinese food, and one Chinese food without MSG and they actually found that of the two groups they told them afterwards that they had ingested MSG or non MSG and the people who actually had not ingested MSG had more headaches on the MSG.

Yeah people actually like to link migraine headache to MSG consumption and it's really a more of just a general headache than an actually migraine.