What Are the Treatment Options for Migraine Headaches?

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There are various treatment options, acupuncture has been very useful, many homeopathic remedies which I use for left and right side of headaches if you get the right remedy homeopathy is like having a bunch of keys and there is one lock to open and you've got to find the right key and bang on, it opens.

So you have to go to the right homeopath and select the remedy, but what I basically do is that I take the whole body, I know it's almost like a storm it comes in destroys the whole body and then it leaves with absolute calmness there's no symptom, it's almost like a flu, if you treat it you cure it in seven days if you don't, in a week.

So this [xx] is so specific, what would you do the preventive measures, it could be diet, do the yoga exercises, do the self massages or ask your partner look twice of [xx] for five minutes don't ask for more, because they won't do it, twice of it, so see they do some a little bit of massage and in return you can do the massage to him as well, why is it? Because more women get headaches than men and maintain [xx] so you do this [xx] get fresh air.

The more oxygen you get into your system the better it is, some people for migraine they inhale oxygen because ultimately as the supply of oxygen which is the root cause of these devastating headaches. So if you get more oxygen to the system the better it is in the bar which is freeze is sort of trying getting as much air as possible and leave the window open a little bit, if it's not too cold outside, to get some fresh air.

Remove all those electronic stuffs in your room, all the radiations are not creating a lot of tension have gaps between computer use, don't do it continuously because on the next step, the cerebral spinal fluid in the brain is not going to circulate well and the blood flow to the brain will be restricted.

So all these things are very very important.