How Might My Headache Be Treated?

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Hi. So now we understand what they are, let's talk about what the triggers are, and what are treatments. So come over here, here we have some cheese, and we've got some jalapeno peppers. So give me an idea of which of these would trigger a headache? Cheese. I think cheese. Cheese so we put it up here on the trigger side, I will put the jalapenos over here and that is absolutely right, and the reason for that is inside the cheese you have something called theremin[sp?] and theremin[sp?] is an amino acid that actually is a trigger for headache, is probably one of the biggest causes of migraine headaches.

People don't realise that jalapeno peppers actually work. They have something in there, called capsaicin and that is the spice that makes it burn a little bit, but it's starting to turn out that's it very effective. Now, the question is how do you get it? You can eat this which I will do, but you are going to take it more [xx].

Is [xx] the system of the day. You're going to take this and put it up your nose and score it like that. Okay. Can you do it? Let me try. Tell me how it feels. I hope it's never been done before, let's see. No. You see this? Is this strong?[xx] What is that? That's, I can't talk. That's these peppers that seems [xx] would eat one of these to get ride of the pain.

I think that these peppers you actually can make it into a mix. You take the capsaicin, grind it up, well that's strong. Alright, you wont worry about the headache after having these. The headache will be the least of your problems, alright. Now here we have another cause, a classic cause of headaches which are scents in your house and scents can come in couple different forms.

Here we have vanilla and we have peppermint. Which one is a treatment, which is a trigger? I think the vanilla's a trigger. Vanilla's a trigger? I mean Vanilla, yes. Alright, so you want to put this in the trigger category, alright and you going to put the peppermint as a treatment.

You are two for two, absolutely right. Now here's why, this is really important for everybody. You don't recognize this because you never actually pay attention to it but vanilla scents, because they are strong and they're scented and they're often not natural but even if they are, they will induce migraine headaches very commonly.

[xx] as they away from these kinds of scents interestingly peppermint works and the question is how do you apply it? Lavender works too by the way, so take a little bit, this is called aromatherapy, can I apply this to you? This time it won't hurt. Okay. Alright. up to your nose, no.

Alright, so we actually put it on the forehead and you can rub it in and what you're really doing is allowing the the essential oil to be absorbed through the skin but you also get the scent, if you can still smell something here. It's again they don't carry [xx] with them, so they are common treatment that can be effective in our homes.

Alright the final example of a trigger or a treatment, here you have a headband and you have a head tie, which one? Wow! This would give you a headache. You all know that? Yes. Everyone knows that, thank goodness. Now, this headband actually it could be effective. And this of course because the protraction[sp?] on the hair and pull it back will induce slow micro-tears irritation and of course that sensitizes your whole head but you can actually take head-band, dip it in water.

No, I'll put it on. Put it on like this. But with a forehead [xx] But actually it has a sensitive smell, right? And this scent actually is a combination of scents you can get lavender and peppermints and different scents in here, you can actually create an odor that is very calming and very effective for this goes symptoms of headaches.

See all three of these are very straight forward tools, easy to use, don't have side effects. What do you think Velvet[sp?]? I think they're great. Do you smell it yet? My eyes tear, my nose is running. Thank you Babra[sp?]. Nice meeting you..