How Coffee and Red Wine Help Your Memory

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Hi, Barbara Ficarra here with great news about two of your favorite indulgences. Your morning cup of coffee and evening glass of red Cabernet, both contain ingredients that can help keep dementia and Alzheimer's away. Coffee triggers the release of a special growth factor Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor, GCSF, that helps sweep away pesky brain slacks that cause Alzheimer's symptoms.

Just make sure you go for the real stuff. Decaf doesn't do it. Red wine is loaded with polyphenols to keep down the levels of protein fragments known as peptides that contribute to Alzheimer's plaque. The trick is keep it to one glass a day if you're a woman or two for the guys, overdoing the red wine cancels out the good effects.

If you're not a fan of coffee or wine, don't feel pressured to convert, but if you are, it's nice to know that your favorite sippers can help protect your brain and make it stronger. I'm Barbara Ficarra. For more great ways to boost your health, watch and share all our tips, right here.