How Can Alcohol Affect Migraines?

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See basically alcohol, even you drink alcohol there are a few things that happen, first of all if you drink white wine, champagne or very strong liquor, neat brandy, you create a lot of acid and the more acid you have, the worse the nausea and the sicknesses during an attack.

So to start with you must understand that. What alcohol does is, it increases the blood, sort of the heart rate it increases the pulse and in migraine, you naturally get very high pulse rate. So, you don't want to do something that's going to increase the heart rate even more. So that's another thing.

Second thing is, things like beer, they've got a lot of yeast in it. You know, Beer, and Guinness and all, they've got a lot of yeast them. Now when you have to watch yeast in the system you get a lot of gas and digestive problems, which can trigger off headache, then moreover, excess yeast it causes trouble, because whenever you eat sugar, chocolate, carbohydrates that yeast goes into the sugar molecules and start brewing alcohol, within the system.

Now, because it is not a brewery, it's not a beer factory. The gut is not going to produce only ethanol, pure ethanol, it's going to produce toxic alcohol, butanol, methanol, propanol, and these very bad. They cause a lot of toxins in the system, and that toxin can not only trigger headache but create general fatigue and so people who have got a lot of yeast and candida in their system, one hour after having a sandwich meal, they feel so tired that they cannot move.

One hour, because the alcohol takes time to brew. You see, and that's an indication and especially with children, you take sugar and within 15 minutes, half an hour you feel so oh LOW you want emotional of that, so because of the brewing of alcohol, so alcohol actually disturbs the nervous system.

You can be addicted to it and it also disturbs the whole body the functioning of the body, then it dehydrates people who drink alcoholic night they feel sleepy and moment they hit the bed, they're snoring, but two hours later because the alcohol has consumed all the fluid in the body you wake up.

All people who drink they get up like, they go to bed at 11 o'clock, 1 o'clock in the morning they're wide awake and tossing it done, go and drink some water the body will automatically adjust and you can go back to sleep again. Remember that.