How Does Diet Affect Arthritis?

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Most generally we believe that there is some role for diet in terms of mediating some pain that patients can experience when they have arthritis, you can find the list very easily on the internet pro inflammatory and anti-inflammatory foods, this haven't been so scientifically rigorously studied as some typical medicines would be, but there has been a significant literature on the benefit of maintaining an anti-inflammatory diet such as whole grains, legumes, non-processed organic foods as opposed to simple to carbohydrates and starches that you will find in pasta, bagels etc.

additionally if you have a condition called gout you have to be aware of your purine intake. Purines are found in red meat and organ meats and certain to legumes also. That can contribute to gouty arthritis and certainly if you have experienced any sensitivity to gluten containing foods you should be evaluated for celiac disease which is a little different from gluten sensitivity.

Celiac disease will actually cause [xx] absorption and could lead to significant problems such as osteoporosis but importantly, patients with [xx] disease are gluten sensitive can actually experience joint pain.