What Diseases or Ailments Can Massage Therapy Treat?

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Back ache, arthritis, osteopenia, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, which is affecting a lot of women nowadays, no a woman would stop to think of that, sort of [xx] things inside the muscles, lactic acid from excessive use in sports injury, or computer injury, the neck and the spasm you can relive headaches with massages, you can relive sinus pains with massages, and you know in manual therapy I learned under masters I can treat tones of infections with the massage, I can treat eustacian tube which causes terrible earache and it cause loss of hearing I can do that with massages.

With massages you can also treat abdominal problems, and there're specific ways of massaging organs, this is an art only a therapist should do it, so I do that quite often. If you're constipated you release all this blockages here and you get a clear bowel movement, but this is a knot, how do you do it? Dislocations, a good dislocation of the jaw in the feet so many people have dislocated joints in the feet from wearing high heels, from wearing tight shoes, or not wearing the right type of shoes to jog, run or slipping, falling down.

No they cause a lot of discomfort and pain so you've got to fix it, the art of bone setting. I learned under some masters incredible. Then you have a lot of problems with fallen arches, a lot of discomfort in the whole body so you treat that with massages and then you get terrific relief.

You can walk better, you can improve the posture through massages. So a lot of things can be done with massages.