What Are the Most Common Challenges People with Fibromyalgia Face?

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Criteria have changed recently, so we don't know how many people actually have it, moreover there's the gender bias some more women get diagnosed with it, but we don't know for sure that more women have it. In terms of the VA itself I see a lot of men with Fibromyalgia, but they may not have been diagnosed in other settings, and finally some people are concerned about diagnosing their patients with fibromyalgia because the treatment option are more limited than for some other conditions and also there is a stigma associated with having Fibromiagia sometimes. This is improving now, but in the past if people were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia it might have affected their employment, it affected their disability status, it affected the way other people perceived them, so usually the benefit of diagnosing someone with something is that you have a treatment that they can now get. In the past we didn't have these treatments for Fibromyalgia and so there was really not as much benefit going to diagnose people so it's kind of difficult to gauge how much it actually impacted people.