Tips to Live with Fibromyalgia Pain

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I'm Dr. Oz. Fibromyalgia is a mysterious disease that causes wide spread body pain and fatigue, it difficult to diagnose and tricky to treat. If you suffer from fibromyalgia or know someone who does, try these strategies for relief. Make an appointment with a rheumatologist, that's a position who specializes in conditions that affects joints, muscles and bones.

Need a sensitive smart doc to guide you through the treatment options. There are some prescription drugs appproved to treat fibromyalgia pain, but don't overlook smart lifestyle measures. For many fibro patients exercise is the key tool to cope with pain and discomfort. Yoga, ti-chi, aquatics and heated pool, even nautical walking may help you feel and function better.

Smart self may skin help too, ask your doctor about this 1000 international units a day of vitamin B3, D ribose, 500 milligrams three times a day, 900 milligrams of DHL Omega 3 fatty acids daily, and then finally make an appointment for a massage, that's why we massage. A gentle massage can help ease fibro aches and discomforts.

I'm Dr. Oz, for more ways to live pain free, check out our smart tips