The Best Exercise for a Healthy Back

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Hi, I'm Dr Vinda Wright. There's one part of you, you want to be nice and plump, the gel-filled disks now goes between each of your 33 vertebrae. They provide a cushion that keeps your back happy, it doesn't require anything fancy to make this happen, just move. Physical activity encourages new cell growth inside your disks, that's great news, because after 30, your pillow like spine protectors start shrinking.

That's one reason why 85% of us have back pain at some point. Which exercises are best for your back? Try these. Gentle styles of yoga such as Iyengar yoga get particularly high marks for back health. Using a rubber resistance band to do gentle strengthening moves build supportive muscles and flexibility, and you'll avoid the risk of overdoing it.

A worry with hoisting weights. Water aerobics and water walking are also great choices. Water supports your weight while you work your muscles, so there's basically no stress on your back and joints. I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. For more tips to stay pain free, watch all our health smarts videos, right here.