Relieve Pain With These 2 Eastern Mind-Body Workouts

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz with two alternative ways to ease your pain. These are two forms of ancient Chinese medicine that can help people with Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. Tai Chi, and Chi Gong. These disciplines combine gentle martial arts based movement, postural exercises, breathing techniques and mindfulness meditation. Developed centuries ago, these ancient remedies were designed to enhance the bodies life energy. Together Tai Chi and Chi Gong has been looked at as means to heal disease and increase well-being.

Both exercises have been shown to relieve anxiety and depression in people with [xx]. More studies are needed to confirm whether the exercises have a direct effect on pain, but finding suggest they might enhance your ability to cope. Tai Chi also helps enhance balance and flexibility. Consider using these techniques as part of your pain treatment and relief.

I'm Dr. Oz. For more ways to soothe pain and feel better, check out all of our smart tips, right here.