Relieve Neck Pain

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Hi, I'm Physical Therapist Peggy Brown, and I create an easy three-step, exercise routine, that will soothe our thoracic neck pain and help prevent flair-up. You don't need any equipment, just a little know how. Hi, I'm here with Christine, and the first exercise we're going to do for the neck is going to be Neck Contraction.

So, many of us are sitting at our computer, over our phones, and our head is out and protruded, and this creates a lot of change in the neck. So, we're going to start with, we're just going to sit as tall as you can, have a good posture, and you could take your chin, and you could think of it as retracting backs so, your whole head retracts onto your tonsils.

So, pull your head back. And you're going to feel a nice stretch at the back of your neck, with that you are going to just love that. Relax, each one you do, you try to get back a little further. And yes you feel like you are making a double chin, but that's just temporary, this is to help a long game and open up the nerves.

They got to come through the back of the neck, and then off the back of the scalp. The neck is a common area when people have rheumatoid stoacticla arthritis. This is a great way to make sure you keeping the mobility of your neck, supple and balanced. And as Christine was just naturally going to do, her instincts was just right on, you wanted to go side bending after doing retraction.

So, the first thing you can do it take your right ear and dropper told you right shoulder, and you are just going ot hold tha a few seconds, you are ging to bring it up, and you are going to drop your ear towards your left shoulder, and bring that back up, and as you notice you're not holding this long, and each time you try to make that motion go a little bit further, worrying any kind of tingling or pain.

Make the range what's comfortable for you, and as you keep practicing this over time you should start to see some increase of motion. It's good as we just say the retraction is fast because they are putting better alignment with having your head stacked over your trunk like it's supposed to.

Broader exercise that we are going to do for the next the so important is rotation. And we have done the retraction, we have done the side venting, and now what I want you to do is you are going to sit up as long as you can ensure that your ears over, your shoulders, and have a good hallow on your low back, and what you're going to do now you're going to turn your head side to side nodding.

Very small node. And what this is going to do is real help get the motion on the upper neck. They can commonly get affected with psoriatic and rheumatoidal[sp?] arthritis. And sometimes you'll hear some creaking or crackling sounds in the upper neck that's just a joint that's dry, and we'll get more lubricators to do this.

And this is very important for athletes and actors, which is the first and second cervical vertebra that help us really make sure we have full rotation in our neck. And we can wrap that up, and hopefully your neck should be feeling great..