Can Exercise Reduce Arthritis Pain?

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Patients often ask me whether or not exercises can reduce the pain of their arthritis and certainly by realizing what we call endogenous Endorphins or your body's natural pain killers, there is an immediate benefit to exercise. But beyond that the strengthening, the conditioning and the overall psychological well being of exercise, we'll benefit patients greatly with arthritis.

When I'm asked what type of activity to engage in, again I would seek the patients their age, their underlying conditions and I may make certain specific recommendations of things to perhaps avoid or engage in more. But what I say to people is to mix it up, find something they enjoy doing and continue to do it and I want to go back to the mixed up point because I think that's very important if I tell people to only do Yoga, they're going to stick with it for about six months and then stop.

I really advice a very integrated mixed workout regimen and that way they will stay enthusiastic and leap the benefits from it.