Best Workouts to Fight Fibro Pain and Fatigue

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Hello, I'm Dr. Oz. One of the keys to relieving fibromyalgia pain is to workout. Although it seems difficult at times, getting regular exercise will help you in the long-run. Here's some great ways to get you exercised without putting too much stress on your achy joints. First, dive in. Warm water workouts can help reduce pain and stiffness as and depression, whether you're swimming laps, synchronized swimming or water aerobics, this is a great workout for folks with fibro.

if water is about your thing, play other types of low impact aerobic exercise. Research suggest it's also an effective way to curb fibermiology symptoms [xx] finally one of the easiest thing you can do is to lace up your walking shoes and hit the side walk. Studies show that mile to mile intensity walking may dial down pain and fatigue just as well as other forms of aerobic exercise whatever you choose keep moving to keep the pain at bay, I'm Dr. Oz to manage the Fibrio check out our sports tips.