Are Complementary Bodywork Therapies, Such as Acupuncture And Massage, Safe And Effective to Relieve Pain?

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Acupuncture is shown to be pretty effective for a certain types of chronic pain conditions also the risks are very low, so if people can afford it I usually do recommend it. I particularly like it in children who have chronic pain, because there are fewer side effects even though we think about the needle, they're actually not that pain for most children can't tolerate it pretty well, and it does release people's natural painkillers so it can be helpful in that sense.

I would not necessarily use acupuncture by itself in someone who is having severe refractory chronic pain, but I do think that in combination with other types of therapies, they can be very helpful. Massage is usually helpful for all of us generally feel better with a massage, the area that there's more contention about is how long those effects can last.

So if you had to pick one, it would be more effective probably to do strengthening exercises or flexibility exercises, or aerobic exercises, but if you can do those things in conjunction with massage that probably would be more satisfying.