What Is the Difference Between Lumbar and Neck Spine Surgery?

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The surgical options in the lumbar spine usually consist of something called a lumbar micro discectomy, and that is where we remove the herniated piece of disc that is pushing on your nerve. In the lumbar spine we do this from a poster approach or from the back and we typically take out just that fragment is pushing on a nerve.

We don't scrape all the jelly out of your doughnut, we leave the good jelly behind so it can serve as purpose as a shock absorbing cushion. Now, in the cervical spine it's different in the cervical spine we typically take that disk out from the front of your neck because in the comparison to the lumbar spine or working around the spinal cord where as in the lumbar spine we're just walking around the nerve roots.

We can move nerve root but we can't move the spinal cord.