What Are the Risks Involved in Lumbar Microdiscectomy Surgery?

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So for lumbar spine surgery, for lumbar microdiscectomy the most common risk that I really emphasize to patients is you might actually reherniate the disk. We don't take out all the jelly as we discussed, we only take out the herniated pieces or loose pieces so there's going to be a weak spot in that disk where you're herniated through.

So therefore another piece of disk could break loose and come out and push on a nerve again and that risk is around 8% or somewhere between 5 and 10%. Other risks for lumbar spine surgery are things like infection and bleeding which are pretty uncommon. You also may get something called the spinal fluid leak which is a tearing in the covering of the nerves.

If we see that we repair it and it's usually a causes of no concern over the long term. But by far in a way the biggest risk for a lumbar microdiscectomy is the reherniation. There are other risks that are relatively minor, but this one by all streams is the most common thing that we see as the downside or risk of a microdiscectomy is another herniation at the same spot on the same level.