Is Your iPad a Pain in the Neck?

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Hey I'm Dr. Oz with another simple health tip, this one can help you avoid sticky everyday pain. We all love the convenience of iPads and other tablets. You can check your email, read a book, watch a movie on the go, or get health advice right here. It's great, but using a tablet can be a pain in the neck, literally. If you've got a nagging neck or shoulder pain, your tablet may be the culprit. Researchers at Harvard have even given it a name, it's called iPad shoulder. The problem develops when you position a tablet flat on a table or on your lap, so it forces your head and neck to be flexed at a low angle for a long time.

To skip the pain, just position your tablet on a table at its highest angle so you avoid looking downward. Attach a keyboard if you need to type. Strength training with free weights, resistance bands or machines can also help prevent the iPad shoulder. Reversed flys, arm rows, upright rows and other moves that can build shoulder strength can help soothe and prevent the pain. For more strategies to live pain free, watch all of our great health smarts right here.