How Do Doctors Commonly Mistreat Back Pain?

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I'm one of the few surgeons who's been on both sides of this fence. I started my practice in 1986, and I would aggressively treat back pain with my for back pain because surgeons feel that we are the end-of-the-line definitive answer for back pain. The problem is that I thought the success rate was on 90% of the time, there's a paper in 1993 that showed that the actual success rate for spine infusion over back pains is between 15-20%.

Another paper in 2006 said that there was 24%, so 1993, I simply quit doing infusion for back pain. That being said, there's over 4,00,00 done a year which is spine fusion for back pain. What we do is bone operation for a soft tissue problem, it didn't work, and it's accessories around before 24%.

The other tragedy is that the problems are solvable. In other words, we are doing a back surgery that really has essentially not even a placebo effect, then you conversely deal with a structured approach that deals with every aspect of pain at the same time which you take charge of, and it's simple, not hard.

Once you stress, conditioning, medications and life outlook, the success rate of that is well over 80-90% with engagement. So, the tools actually truly treat chronic pain are very, very simple [xx] when you do surgery that doesn't work, you made the problem much, much worse.