What Should I Ask My Doctor About My Back Pain?

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You should ask yourself, why I'm I having this pain? What's my diagnosis because back pain or neck pain, or back and leg pain, those are just symptoms. Here's an example, I have a patient who says to me, I have sciatica. Now sciatica's a fancy medical word for saying I have pain in my leg, that doesn't tell me why I have pain in my leg, do I have it from spinal stenosis, do I have it from a disc herniation, do I have it from a fracture, do I have it from some other cause, so the most important thing when treating a spine problem, is trying to make the diagnosis and once you have the diagnosis I think good things follow from there.

Because then, you can start to treat it through non-operative ways, conservative ways, with medications, with physical therapy and a good percentage of the time going to get better. And if that doesn't get you there, sometimes a simple quarter zone shot can get you there and if all else fails there were surgical options available to you, but I hate to see people scared off from seeing the doctor because every time you see him, it's not going to mean surgery.

It means let's try to think of some conservative, non-operative things to get you back to your lifestyle, but that comes from good information to help you make good decisions.[MUSIC].