When Should I Go to a Doctor for Back Pain?

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So that's what your spine looks like and those big thick blocks in the middle was the building blocks and the little disc here in the middle that sounds like a body cheese or tomato, you squeeze on it, and actually you can get punched so you see you're getting squeezed down, and that's supposed to happen, that's supposed to cushion us, that allows us to stand up.

There is a nerve in the back coming out, and as you start to kink the bones back at the forth and you start to get a dried out, this will will herniate. See that little green herniation? This is a top view, looking from the top and it herniates up, and as that happens it pushes on the nerve.

So that nerve is coming out of the spinal column and when it gets pinched it's not happy, and it will shoot searing pains down your leg. So how does somebody who is sitting at home watching us, know whether or not their pain back is serious enough that they have to have a doctor to look at it? I want the people to go to the doctor when they have pain all the time, when the pain is more than they can handle at home with some exercise or rest or when they have this searing pain down the legs but most of all if they start to feel weak.

Those are all reasons to go to the doctor. So, according to the weakness clue not the pain clue and if I can just give one bit of advise by my own. If you have a herniated disc and which by the way a lot of us have and don't have any pain, because it must have herniated if it takes a long time to get better and sometime it never gets better.

But if someone said you need surgery, especially if it's within a few months of the original injury. You need a second opinion if that person says you need surgery you probably need a third opinion. I agree with that. You agree? MmhOne of the last things you should be doing is running off to surgery because if you fuse those bones together when you operate on them you actually hinder the ability of the bones around them to be flexible and you want the whole thing to be like a slinky.