What Are Natural Therapies for Back Pain?

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Next thing we're going to talk about is from spinal pain, back pain. So this is my little spine I built for you. Do you ever get back pain? Yeah, I work in retail so I'm on my feet eight to nine hours a day, by the seventh hour I'm ready to just go get a massage, so I'm always ready, done.

A strain mufflet can result from any kind of pressure, but I'm more concerned about when you have disc problems, so you've got the spine here, is shown by the white bones. In between each of these spinal proxies is a disc, and these discs are uniquely designed to be able to cushion your spine so you can bend back and forth, you can stand up in retail, lift things up.

What happens over time though is that these discs begin to change, so I want you lift this a little bit, just pull it up do that, a disc can slip like this. So daily are doing retail and lift something and almost a disc slips out. Move back for a second, the other thing that can happen, is the disc can actually get injured and you find this.

[SOUND] [SOUND] Right? Now, that seems pretty bad, doesn't it? Yeah. But worse, inside of that disc you've got all kinds of inflammatory chemicals and those inflammatory chemicals will get onto the surrounding area and they irritate the heck out of it. And you get this robust and very uncomfortable thing called Back Pain, and you can loof and sometime that pain spreads all the way down into the root next to it, we cant even tell where you are anymore.

And soon as pain going up and down your body in lot's of directions, so, you want to intervene when you have a slipped disc or a disc that has oozed up fluid that has created that pain as fast as possible, so I've got a remedy in my alternative medicine repair kit that can help a lot, and it's called Castor Oil.

If used the right way, we think it can reduce inflammation quite effectively. I'm going to demonstrate on you if you will try it. Okay, no problem. Mama is she a good kid? Excellent, she say excellent like this. Excellent, Yeah, subliminal messaging. So you put a little castor oil on here, it's pretty thick when your arms's inside this one when you put it on the area that's put it on your back if I can put it in your back okay? And then you wrap it with a little cellophane and the reason you're wrapping is just to protect the area from the heating pad you're about to put on.

So on your back you just lay the cellophane] on top of it put the heating part over the area and the combination will be soothing, now you'll feel be more comfortable, it will actually be therapeutic, what do you think about that? I think that's amazing, I definitely I want to try that one.

I'm sending you home with a castor oil. Thank you. Is the least I can do. >>Thanks. Thank you very much. Thank you so much.