The Best Sleeping Positions to Prevent Back Pain

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Hi I'm Dr. Vonda Wright. Have you ever woken up with a sore neck or back? It's probably a result of how you slept. It's important to pay attention to these aches and pains and find a solution for a relief. There are a few things you can do while sleeping to wake up well rested and pain free. First, use pillows that create a comfortable angle for your neck.

Your pillows you should keep your head and neck in line with your spine. Sleeping on your side with your knees bent can help reduce the curvature of your spine. Placing a pillow between your knees can also take additional strain off your back. If you sleep on your back, place the pillow under your knees. Finally, research shows that a moderately firm mattress typically provides better back comfort than a soft or a very firm mattress.

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