How Can I Get Relief for Back Pain After Weight Training?

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How are you? It's a pleasure to meet you Dr. Oz. The pleasure is mine! Alright, Dots, what's bothering you? Well, I work out a lot and lately, when I was younger I never got this but as I've been getting older I work out and when I weight train for my back I get a back pain. And is it all through your back? No, right around here.

You can turn around and show everybody if you don't mind. So its up in here? Yeah. And do you ever get shooting pain down your legs? No. You don't? Good. Dr. Katz, thoughts on the back pain. Well, our thoughts are very similar because you started asking questions and what conventional medicine will focus on and as an interest in particular what we'll focus on initially is the differential diagnosis.

What kind of back pain is it? Is it muscle spasm? Is it related to the spine? Is it pressing on nerves which would cause the pain to radiate down your legs? So first the differential diagnosis and sometimes that's aided by imaging studies if we're not sure what it is, an MRI might show us actual injury to the tissue.

And then the treatments range from physical therapy, and by the way, I work out, I'm getting older too and my back is hurting more and more of the time, so I feel your pain literally, but often physical therapy, a regimen to condition just the right muscles, anti-inflammatory medications, of course, can be very helpful, and then in extreme cases spinal stenosis and so forth sometimes surgery is even used.

That's not that for you, but I'm just saying these are the standard options in conventional medicine for the back. So, Dr. Katz, I think a lot of the audience recognizes that most people should not be thinking about surgery. What does integrative medicine offer as an alternative? First of course, a differential diagnosis, and then chiropractic care is often very useful.

You have an adjustment, there may be a misalignment and that can help. Also, muscle spasm responds very very well to some natural products such as Kava and Valerian. Okay. And Dr. Mel I've actually been to China and seen traditional Chinese medicine practiced, and back pain is one of the most common ailments that I saw treated as it is here.

What does it offer as potential solutions? We have lot of solutions actually and back pain is probably the most common problem that people seek out acupuncture for, and so at Dial Wellness we deliver some 30, 000 treatments a year and probably a third of that is back pains. So, I've got a table for you here.

Are you willing to try some acupuncture? Oh yes. Yes. Besides acupuncture today what I'm also going to do is, is I'm going to do a heat treatment. Your stomach, turn the other way, the other way. I'm going to hold you down. You comfortable? Doctor now has to get to your back, is that okay? Okay.So, can we just look at that? Yes, so let's see, Okay, very good.

Are you feeling that at all? I felt something. Something. Let me put a couple in. I've been wanting to do this for a while. Actually, I'll give you some extra large long needles, okay? So what I'm doing now is I'm putting this herb called Moxa or actually mouth wart in English and mouth wart is used traditionally as a heat treatment.

So what we do is, we take these tiny little attachments and they fit over the needles, and then what we'll do is we light them. And this is been studied by the way in trials, for example to get children to adjust in their mother's stomach and with some effect but this is, bizarre as it appears.

I've seen this done also with cupping and other techniques. Absolutely. Seems like a pretty classical way of doing it. Yes. See, you see the smoke coming out right? Do you all see the smoke coming out? and that's the heat penetrating through the needle. And how long would it take for the treatment to last usually? Well the actual treatment itself's like half an hour but you'll feel pretty much instant relief, right after each one of these.

How are you feeling? I'm feeling really bumped. So go ahead and go back to your sit with these in your back. Thank you, thank you very much to all of our guests.