Can Alternative Medicine Help Treat Neck and Back Pain?

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This is the ninth alternative health must have, it's for neck and back pain, it's called an Acuball. Now, these are really cool little things that you put in the microwave for what? A minute? A minute. And then they heat up, feel that a little bit. >>For a whole hour. They heat up for an hour? They're warm for an entire hour so in the winter my hands get cold.

If you can get smaller ones, they make smaller versions, you can stick them in your pocket, but we all have back pains and we have neck pain because we're in the computer, and we're kind of slumped over so one of the things I will have to do is actually stick this ball right down where I feel tension, and usually it's right down here, and use the weight of your body to lean into it, and while you are leaning into it with your own weight deep breath and just let it out, what that does is help you get through releasing pain when you are releasing the tension and then the muscle structures relax.

And he support to this as well to great self healing toe when you do massage yourself it take all the risks away it is affordable and inexpensive it's only about $29. Absolutely. And one of the reasons I love is as a surgeon I always bend very like this in the operating room, so if you're lying in your back you can put this in one of your tension points, like that if you are lucky watching on stage you can still relax.