Are There Alternative Treatments for Back Pain?

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There's tons of alternative treatments for back pain beyond just taking the over-the-counter non steroidals or pain killers. First one I can think about that's easily accessible is acupuncture or acupressure. Acupuncture is putting the needles in the back and having someone do this for you.

Acupressure is more like a focused massage, such as you would do with acupuncture without the needles, in very distinct places that can release the tension in the back. Other things that can help the back are using heat packs, making poultices in other words grinding up some of the herbs that you are familiar with like ginger and turmeric, making them into a topical or thing you can put in the skin preparation to loosen up the muscles.

Other things you can do are reflexology, that's a massaging your feet in distinct points. There's a whole neuron of the entire body on the bottom of the feet and this can actually believe it or not, relax your back. There's aromatherapy that can generate small amounts of essential oil to enhance overall body relaxation.

There is different kinds of vibrators, there's cold laser, we use this a lot in physical therapy but I also use it in acupuncture. You don't feel any heat, but the energy from the rays of the cold laser actually penetrate through the skin into the powers centers of the cells called the mitochondria to vitalize the area which is very inflammatory and when we have just a lot inflammatory molecules running around and our main objective is to actually decrease that inflammation.

There are many herbs you can use tumeric, ginger, papain or bromelain is very effective as an anti-inflammatory and there's many more.