A Back Pain Tip Just for Men

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Hi I'm Dr Kevin Soden with a lower back pain tip for men. From gym bags to laptop cases men are joining women with their shoulder dragging bags and man pulses. The average men's bag weighs more than 13 pounds. Slinging all that weight over one shoulder or carrying it in the same hand can throw off your balance, strain your back, hurt your shoulder muscles, but being fashion forward doesn't have to hurt.

Try these fixes to prevent this common cause of back pain. Redistribute the weight, get a backpack and use both shoulders strips yeah that's better, try a messenger bag which can balance the weight if you wear it across your body. Lighten your load. if you don't really need your laptop leave it at home, try to store extra gym gear in your office or car.

Only take what you need when you head out the door. Finally trade up your electronics, if you have been looking for an excuse to upgrade to smaller lighter electronics, look no further. For more ways to live healthy watch all our tips right here.