6 Ways to Prevent Back Pain

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Dr. Oz here with some easy ways to prevent back pain. How you stand, sit or even sleep can cause you back problems, but you can reduce back strain with these quick tips. Pretend you're in a bar, when you have to stand for a while, prop one foot up on a low stool or a phone book, the way you would on the rail when you belly up to the bar.

You want to wear low comfortable shoes with shock absorbing rubber or crepe soles. Tighten your abs because those core muscles are nature's girdle that provides the support and strength you need to prevent back injuries. Doing pilates, crunches or planks will help do the trick too. Get up and move around. Pick activity breaks from sedentary tasks every hour to prevent stiffness, be careful about heavy lifting, never bend over to pick up something weighty, instead squat down, knees bend, back straight and push up with your legs to lift.

Finally, to minimize back problems sleep lying on your side, legs comfortably bent with a pillow between your knees, just a few easy ways to prevent back pain. I'm Dr. Oz you can watch more of great health smarts right here.